Mum was found sitting with her stillborn twin.  Everyone including the cow was oblivious to Sweetie her first born curled up in the long grass a distance away.  Sweetie was found by us the next day and both Mum and Sweetie were brought up to the stockyard to be bonded.  Mum never accepted Sweetie regardless of anything we tried and so six months of morning and night feeds had to be done manually with our assistance.  Regardless of her difficult early years, Sweetie has grown to be a fine young heifer and has continued to be a very tame girl.

Once the two were settled into the stockyard with plenty of feed, water and shelter and a routine had become familiar to both mother and calf. Sweetie worked out how to escape and come wandering over to the house to get us. It also shows how Mum really gave us no trouble but reluctantly obliged because she was so easy to handle and our facilities offered both a safe and stress free environment to get the job done.


Jemma was raised by us while still being able to feed from her mothers one working teat. For all of our efforts, Jemma rewarded me by giving birth to a beautiful little heifer on my birthday.  You can read more about Jemma on the introduction blog.


Isobel was another calf that was raised by us.  Her story can also be found on the introduction blog.

Penelope The Orphan Calf goes for a run

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